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A Flavor Revolution

Our story starts under the Brooklyn Bridge with a gift of homegrown habanero peppers. Within a few trial and error recipes, we started to create a new type of condiment. The sweet, tangy, and spicy sauce was soon a request at every party we attended. This little sauce started and continues to grow as a passion project for our small business. Please enjoy our creation on all of your favorite food. The sweet and savory flavor has a very wide range. I would like to thank you for giving us a chance.

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What's the good word

See what people are saying about Angry Duck™

For someone constantly tracking and watching macros, eating boring chicken & rice daily, and using the same condiments for YEARS, Angry Duck Sauce has literally spiced up my prep life! When I say I put this sauce on everything it’s not an exaggeration. From meats, marinades, sautés, even (no joke) on vanilla ice cream. If you like sweet, spicy, & versatile, look no further. The best part is the people behind the sauce. I’ve never loved working with a company more! Nothing but great things to say. Fuck ketchup! Use Angry Duck Sauce!!

Meg Viking

I came across angry duck via IG. I'm always looking for new ways to vamp up my meal preps and wanted to give this a try. I typically use spices and dry rubs but this marinade looked too good to pass up. I was super impressed by the way the heat takes on but followed by a nice sweet flavor of the pineapple definitely not too much. I've put it on everything from eggs and rice to chicken so very versatile. I'd give it an overall 9/10. I'll definitely be a returning customer all the way from Wisconsin.

Michael P.

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and savory this is it! The fresh pineapple and chilies in the Angry Duck Original has just the right amount of heat and sweet. It is so versatile. I’ve marinated with it, put it on rice, salads, you name it. It doesn’t taste bottled. It tastes like the ingredients just came out of the garden. Love it!!

Raquel P.

Compassionate, kind, and respectful owners. The Original Angry Duck sauce is absolutely delicious. There is a fantastic spicy-sweet flavor with every bite. I love the sauce on my tacos, eggs, and potatoes. Phenomenal taste!

Erin M.